Litha – Garden

As I Sit here in the Shay garden and gaze upon all of my flower, herb and vegetable gardens, it makes my heart swell with such happiness for I enjoy watching them bloom and grow. I’m so pleased and grateful for them for they ground me, with their Magickal and beautiful presence. I take great pride in my work for I helped them to get them that way!

Those who know me know I’m not a huge fan of summer, but it’s not really the season of summer it is just the humidity and the heat of it.! I love and adore many things about summer. It is getting the chance to hang my clothes out on the line, the warm evenings for hanging outside, listening and watching the birds in the early morning and watching the tree rats ( Squirrels) go about their business, as I sip my coffee on the patio, taking walks, grilling fresh fruits and vegetables, taking trips to the Farmer’s Market, the smell of fresh mowed grass,the smell of fresh hand picked herbs, and that electric scent of summer storms coming in etc.

Make this Summer Solstice about basking in the Sun’s healing energy my brother’s s and sister’s. Send out healing and protective energies to others who may be struggling with something during this time in their life. Try to come to terms with things that have happened in your life within the last several weeks. With the Divine’s help may you grateful for all the good things in your life, the family and friend’s you love and who love you back. Give thanks to the divine for giving you guidance to continue to follow a Path that helps you to ground and keep yourself positive and joyful.

Celebrate this Sacred Sabbat by doing something special for yourself .Perhaps it is laying a blanket under a tree, as you feel the breeze and observe the beautiful play of light in between the leaves. It may be closing your eyes as you daydream a bit. What is the most precious memory of summer from your childhood ? Does it take you back to those carefree summer days?

Try to recreate them again my darlings summer is for playing, being a child at heart, throwing cares to another day. Bask in the gifts of nature that the divine has given us. You’ll be rejuvenated by it! Blessings!