Lammas – Season of the Harvest

Corn is high in the fields, sunflowers are blooming, and yes, Halloween and Fall stuff are coming out in the craft shops already:) While we have some of Summer left the subtle changes are there. For Lammas making breads from good grains to celebrate the harvest is a favorite thing to do for me. As the scents that come from that puts myself in mind of Autumn immediately It won’t be long before apples and pumpkins will be everywhere and that just makes myself want to bake even more.

At this time we should keep in mind that our ancestors were VERY busy at this time of year to ensure that they had ample food for the Fall and long Winter that was to come. Planting, tending, harvesting, and storing food took a great effort in order for them to eat when they could not just go to a grocery store like we do. I am looking forward in canning some of my homemade dill pickles this year. What do you have intentions of canning this year?

Having said that, I know that some people are struggling to keep themselves fed this season. There are people who don’t have enough food. Keeping this in mind, donating to food pantries or your own neighbors who may need a little help, is a kind thing to do. Share your harvest if you can my brothers and sisters:-)5