Lammas marks the ending of summer and the first harvest of the grain. It was known as the time when the plants of Spring wither and drop their fruits or seeds for our use as well as to ensure future crops. Although this time of year it is still hot and sultry, it’s also a very busy time of year for harvesting. All of us are reaping what we sowed in the Spring. Our bounty is coming in and our needs will be taken care from the all the energy and efforts that we put into our bounty. I have been noticing a lot of wonderful pictures of veggies, fruits and herbs that everyone has been posting up from their gardens. Great Job and keep up the great work my friends smile emoticon

Corn is growing to it’s full height and tomatoes are everywhere. It is so wonderful to see the fruit of our labor. We should always keep in mind of our ancestors, and how it wasn’t a hobby, but a necessity of life for them. It was this very food that they grew that would get them through the long, cold winter months. Harvesting, putting up, canning, preserving was very much a necessity and hard work for our ancestors. I admire the fact that we still “can” our bounty from our gardens. It makes me smile when I hear of someone “canning” their veggies and fruits, making jams or jellies for that same practice that our ancestors did before us we are repeating to this very day,

There are so many ways to celebrate the wonderful sabbat of Lammas Have a feast with your family and friends, outside while the weather is still nice. Prepare lots of fresh veggies and fruits to be grilled on the grill. Have a bonfire and drink some wine:-) Have a picnic with the fruits of veggies of the season. Lay on a blanket under the stars and find the constellations, watch for shooting stars. Catch fireflies and let them go. Listen to the crickets, hug a tree or enjoy the fresh taste of a warm-off-the-vine tomato.

Visit a farmer’s market and stock up on veggies and fruits there to do your own canning and freezing. Baking bread is a huge part of celebrating Lammas. Have a bread baking day with your family by incorporating fresh grains, fruits and nuts in the bread and send a loaf home with everyone to enjoy. Make corn dollies or Brighid’s crosses from corn or wheat stalks. Have a family game day on this special day by planning a “tournament” of games for the kids such as or croquet, or kickball. Playing games is just what the Celts did for Lammas which was known as the Lugh games. There is so much to do for this first wonderful Harvest festival!

Lammas can also be a great time to start your Autumn cleaning. There are things to do to get your house ready for Winter now while it’s still warm out. Clean your carpets, curtains, and windows. Have your furnace checked. Clean your coats and winter clothes and hang them out on the clothesline for that yummy fresh, clean scent. There is so many things to do to prepare for the winter that we really do not think about at this time for we are still in the hands of summer.

For now my brothers and sisters enjoy Summer to it’s fullest. Spend time outside and Feel the warmth from the ground under feet as you put your back up against a tree. Feel the breeze, hear the birds, watch the squirrels, daydream, doze off under a shady tree. As some of you know July 31 is a Blue Full Moon. Be sure to use the power of the Full Moon in your magickal workings during this sabbat for there is a lot of energy that will swirling my friends.

Reverend Priestess Bella