Merry Beltane My Lovelies smile emoticon Spring has finally sprung and life is erupting all around us. The earth is now once again fertile and nourished after the long dark winter and offers us the chance for another bountiful growing season. We are thankful for the gifts of flower blooms, the sing-song melody of faerie laughter and for the plump growing bellies of the animals and people in our lives which will soon bring to us the miracle of new life.

This is the time of year to welcome babies, connect with lovers, and enjoy all the earthly pleasures we are so lucky to have At this time the Beltane fire was carried into homes to rekindle the hearth. Beltane dew was valued for its supposed powers to rejuvenate and beautify the women. There are a lot of local customs at this time of year, some darker than others.

For instance in parts of Scotland a ‘bannock’, a round loaf, would be sliced and one piece marked with charcoal, the pieces then would be placed in a bonnet and the men present would take a piece whilst blindfolded.

Whoever took the charcoal-marked piece would then have to leap through the Beltane flames three times. There were other customs that his fellow buddies would pretend to throw him into the flames, and afterwards would speak of him as if he were dead, a mock sacrifice (Wicker Man).

May Day ( Beltane) also relates to the fact that in communications between members of the Order, the word Illuminati was to be symbolized by a point within a circle: ☉.This has always represented the sun, probably before writing was even invented, and the Egyptians used it thousands of years ago as the Hieroglyphic symbol for the sun-god Ra. The Beltane festivals were an enactment of both sun and fire worship. Beltane was the perfect day (symbolically) for the founding of the Illuminati. The connection between the point within a circle and May Day (Beltane) celebrations is also manifested by the practice surrounding the Maypole.

For me, Beltane falls at the time when the world looks most alive. The variations in colors amazes me. My Brother’s and Sister’s may all the passions in your life, whatever they may be, burn brightly this year. May all your friendships and relationships flourish, your dreams take root, and your families prosper in joy.May your home, no matter the form it is in be protected by the flames of your heart and hearth, and your light never be extinguished for you are the child of the divine.

Reverend Priestess Bella