Egyptian Goddess – Aset

I have been asked how I was chosen by the Egyptian Goddess Aset. In my opinion being chosen by a god or goddess, there is a series of messages, rather than a single isolated incident that most often we do not pay close attention to because we disregard it to the every day norm. Most of the time many of these messages are symbolic in nature, rather than actual verbal contact such as” Hey!! I am over here” or physical contact such as somebody smacking us in the back of the head to get our attention. Even though some of our spirit guides has a tendency of doing that for their own amusement at times smile emoticon

We might have series of dreams or visions in which we are approached by a human figure who has something different about them than the average person we interact with on a every day basis. You’ll probably know it’s a deity for they a distinctive signature about themselves, but they are sometimes evasive when it comes to telling you who they are for they wish to have you do the legwork of seeking them out and familiarize yourself with them. When we do our homework and research, we than have a better idea out who it is based upon their appearance and characteristics.

In addition, to the dreams and visions we may have experienced in which symbols of this god or goddess appear randomly in our daily life’s. Perhaps you never seen an owl before in you area, and now one has built a nest above your back yard, or someone gives you a gift of an owl statue out of the blue. Owls could represent Athena and many other Deities that are associated with this bird.

Pay close attention to repeat occurrences, and see if you can determine a pattern. Eventually you may be able to figure out who it is that’s trying to get your attention.One of the biggest mistakes that i have known individuals tend to make, is when they are being contacted by a deity, is to assume it’s the god or goddess you’re most drawn to or would like to follow just because you’re interested in them.

However this doesn’t mean this particular Deity has any interest in you. In fact, it may well be another Deity that you have never heard of before or have never noticed before. I experienced this first hand when i conducted so much research about the Greek goddess Demeter, because I was interested in a Greek path, and she seemed like a Agriculture Goddess that I could relate to. Then I started getting consisting messages which I assumed it was Demeter. After a while I realized that messages that I was receiving and all the research on this Deity did not fit and It actually filled myself up with such confusion and feelings of disappointment.

Once I actually paid attention, and heard was being said to me and was being shown instead of what i wanted to see or hear. I then discovered it was actually an entirely different goddess reaching out to me which it was than that Aset came into my life and not the Demeter. Once I started embracing Aset my life has never been the same because for the first time I felt Inner Peace and not feeling lost. I was called into her service which I believe i was being called home:)

Bear in mind as well that raising magikal energy may heighten your awareness of this sort of thing. If you’re someone who raises energy a lot, that may leave you far more open to receiving a message from the Divine than someone who doesn’t do much energy work. I am also the Daughter of Sekhmet, which I was also chosen by her last year. Some of us are chosen by more than one deity it just simply means that some other aspect of the Divine has a fond interest in us.

Some would argue the fact that one cannot be in service than more than one deity for it is disrespectful. In my opinion I would disagree with that statement If you genuinely feel called by this second deity then consider exploring things more about this deity for this deity obviously made itself known to you for a reason. Always honor your initial God/Goddess by asking them if they would really be offended if you honored another one in tandem with them. All deities are distinctly different beings, so honoring a second God/ Goddess doesn’t necessarily mean any toes are getting stepped on.

My brothers and sisters if you have bee fortunate enough to have been chosen by the Divine, not just once, but twice, it is truly a honorable gift. Have any body been chosen by more than one deity? Who? How do you feel about it?

Rev. Bella Isis Shay