Come and Celebrate Cauldron of Ages Lammas: Spirit of the Grain. We will be celebrating the dog days of Summer. It is time to begin reaping what we have sown. This a time for us to reflect on the upcoming abundance of the Fall Months. Lammas is the beginning of the early harvest. When the first grains are ready to be harvested and the apples and grapes are ripe for the picking.

This is a time to be grateful for the food we have on our tables. Lammas is a time for excitement and Magick. The natural world is thriving all around us and yet we have the knowledge that everything will soon die. It is at this time we should have the attitude of gratitude.

Lammas Meditation Ritual “Reap what you sow” Officiated by Cauldron of Ages Jeremy Uzzle 

Fun with the Grains Activities:
* Sacrafice Grain Poppets Led by:Cyndi Aberle
* Corn Explosion
* Prosperity Corn Necklace Making
* Weaving Wheat

Please bring a Lammas Related Dish to share for the Harvest Feast that we will be having after Ritual. Traditional Lammas Food and drinks are Apples, grains, breads, berries, barley cakes, berry pies, jellies, colcannon, cider, sun shaped cookies, corn, elderberry wine, grapes, honey, lamb, nuts, potatoes, rice and wild berries.If you have any Food Allergies please state them on the forum so individuals can be aware of them.

Bringing Wine and Spirits is allowed. However, Cauldron of Ages will not allow any form of misconduct in behavior and will ask you to leave if ill behavior is demonstrated. Ritual starts promptly at 5p.m. Smudging will start at 4:45p.m. All those who show up late will not be allowed in circle due to the energy that is being raised within it. There will be no drinking before ritual out of respect for diety. We ask all participants to please be silent during smudging out of respect for others who are grounding and preparing themselves to attend ritual.

Please Bring a chair due to seating being limited. We will be collecting non perishable items for the Cauldron of plenty. All donations that are donated goes towards assisting families within the community that are heading upon hard times this time of year