ENERGY 101: Where Science Meets Majik
Saturday, June 11
th, 4pm
Come join Cauldron of Ages’ Ms. Sarah for her second series of class discussions on “Where Science meets Magic”. The Class will start with something “small” such as Color, light and sound. The Class will closely examine how do these energy basics work and what does that mean for us as practitioners. Other contents of the class will discuss the science of thought or language? Just because we can’t perceive it, is it really there? Can we still influence it?

Physics and the way we understand the universe are changing at an amazing rate. What’s incredible is that much of what shamans, magicians, and witches have known for millennia is now being borne out by modern science. Come be a part of the conversation. Fun and learning will be had by all.

* Bring a notebook and pencil to take notes
*Bring a chair as seating may be limited

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