Life and Death

Life is short and can be very fleeting my brothers and sisters. It takes one terrible thing such a death of loved one,arguments between loved ones or friends that causes the relationship to become severed etc. It is these very things that can quickly take your life away and all that you know. We all have always known this but a death seems to always bring it home even more.

Since my youth,I have always done my best to appreciate the simple things,the little moments that bring myself Joy, laughter, comfort, peace, and reflection in my Life. I have always tried to teach my children the very same thing. We need to always practice acts of appreciation in the small daily parts of our lives.

I see so many people who are so busy that it seems they fly through life with out pause. I have been guilty myself of doing that same exact thing but i have learned that if we do not slow down than life will pass me by. Even on our busiest day we should stop and listen, be quiet, feel, reflect, watch, hear, see, smell and taste every day of our life’s.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where people have their attention on their phones, tv’s, and computers.I always hear people say “When I get time or I wish I had time I’m going to……..????? ”. We all have moments to spare if we are more aware of how we spend our time. Life flies by and we never know when we will take our last breath and move onto our next journey.

We should all appreciate the small moments in our daily life’s. We should take time for them and share those moments with our family and friends. Our life’s will be a lot richer for it my darlings.I hope that you had a moment to spare to read this, as you take many moments to spare throughout your day..every day! On that note I love you all and appreciate each and every one of you.

Many Blessings to you my lovelies