Children of Nature

Being a child of Nature comes with great responsibility when it comes to living on this realm that the gods have created for us. Being a Child of the earth they have to remain silent and observe all that is around them. It is a form of discipline that they practice each and every day. They understand that sometimes it is best to say nothing rather than risk saying it wrong. They try to be very careful about what they say and do for they are firm believers of Karma and Law of Attraction.

When they speak their words it holds weight as they tend to be critical of others, even though they may not say it out loud. Too often, they repress their feelings and as a result they may need to purge more often than those who follow other religious paths. But since they hold earth so close to them, they adapt at purging anywhere and anytime. Cautiously, they rarely takes unnecessary chances. They try to be level headed as much as possible to helps others to find suitable solutions to their own problems. They try to approach life slow and steady as they try to remain conservative, patient, and practical.

As Children of nature they can be found working a job in which they can directly improve the world around us. A job that may seem boring traditionally may be necessary within the boundaries of society for the nature child ,such as Social work, teaching, architecture or something that contributes to society in a positive way. On the flip side, it is wise not to anger a nature child for they are capable of utter destruction, which their views are based on situations, relationships with others whether it be family, friends, enemies and so forth which are very much treated like the natural part of the cycle of life.

Rarely they look back with regret for as a child of nature they live freely. They may take a while before deciding that they are angry and will give individuals every chance to explain themselves. But once angered, they can be stubborn and hold a grudge and if grudge is warranted it is most likely it was deserved to begin with. They will give you every chance in the beginning to rectify the wrong but most people only get to cross that line once with a child of nature.. However, the child of nature is eternally forgiving toward those they love and trust..

Most Children of Nature are very rooted into their homes but sometimes they must be careful not to shut themselves away from others entirely. However, they are rarely shy and can often be found at social gatherings celebrating with great minds and for great causes. Most Children of Nature are creative with their hands and have a talent for sculpting, drawing, sewing, writing ,painting etc. Most are not aware of this gift but if given a clump of clay, paintbrush, a pen a beautiful creation is soon created.

As Children of nature they try to be a teacher and strives to set a good example for their students, children and friends. They practices what they preach and believes that actions speaks louder than words. For thousands of years, the bones of the Earth (rocks) have been utilized as teaching implements. Pictographs (painted-on symbols) and petroglyphs (carved symbols) date back to the ancient Egyptians. Almost every culture has its own version of rock teachings that can be learned from.

The Earth rules the season of spring as the Earth comes to life so does the spirit of the nature child. As the flowers bloom, the grass grows, and the animals wake from their slumber, the child of nature becomes one with all of nature as well. The children of nature experience death and rebirth as the very womb of the goddess does. They are directly influenced by the increasing life energy of all things it is at this time that their personal power is at its highest point during this season.

One of the most prevalent aspects of the path of the child of nature is sharing. The Goddess shares all of herself with the other elements. She allows herself to be the foundation for all of life. She is battered by storms and ravaged by fire, but she remains unchanged yet ever evolving. As Children of nature they are the embodiment of the goddess. They struggle to remain calm and steady during all of life’s storms. They have a unique talent for being able to keep their cool at the most chaotic of times. They also have the minor quirk of being slow to movement as like the earth she is on her clock not anybody else’s.

Humanity belongs to the realm of earth and children of the Earth we are like pieces of a puzzle in which when all the pieces fall in place it creates a beautiful picture.

Rev. Bella Isis Shay