Rev. Michael D. Shay

michaelMichael is a founding member of Cauldron of Ages and is married to Bella Isis Shay.  He is a St. Louis native with over a decade of experience in the St. Louis pagan community.  He has been a moderator and ritual leader for Ancient Ways – St. Louis and has served as a board member for St. Louis Pagan Events.  Michael has led both opening and closing rituals for the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, as well as, many other local circles and events.

Michael received his ordination through the Universal Life Church, and has studied at Witch School International. He has received his First Degree initiation in the Correllian Tradition and is working towards his Second.

In addition to ritual work, Michael’s interests include gardening, oil painting, herbs, and, crystals.

Michael can be found on Facebook at