Rev. Bella Isis Shay

11780458_402937043226707_1249704941_nBella is well known throughout the Metro St. Louis area and has contributed her vast experiences to groups, venues, television shows, and more.  Bella is a parasychologist with a minor in communication.  She has worked with paranormal groups all over the country and was the creator and founder of Pathseekers Paranormal.  She has appeared on the radio with Dave Glover of the Dave Glover Show, Dr. Michael Lynch on Paranormal Tuesday and on TV with the Kelly Lamm show on STL Fox 2.  Bella also worked with Zack Bagans from the TV show Ghost Adventures.  She adds being the creator of the Paracon, the first paranormal convention in the state of Missouri, to her belt of many talents.

In the Pagan community, Bella is the daughter of Isis, and she was ordained through St Abraam and St Mary’s Coptic Church.  She is also one of the founders of the Kemetic tradition Temple of Khemet Ka in St. Louis.  Bella has worked with many of the St. Louis pagan groups including Pagan Pride Day and Pagan Picnic.

Through her many talents and trades, Bella worked as a model for many local agencies and was the 2011 centerfold for Cemetery Centerfold.  She feels that her most rewarding accomplishment is making a career change as a Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor and Motivational Speaker.  She weaves her web with the community and works in conjunction with them by giving back, whether it be with education, feeding the homeless, or helping the unfortunate.

Bella created Cauldron of Ancients (COA) as a way to embrace all traditions and to give people a safe, structured place where they can express their own traditions and learn from others.  COA welcomes all people who wish to celebrate the wheel of the year and who believe that the God and the Goddess call to them to wander down this path.  COA provides open rituals celebrating the 8 pagan sabbats, education and workshops, spiritual counseling, divination, group activities and outings, and a sense of family.

Bella is married to Michael Shay.  You can find Bella on Facebook – Bella Isis Shay or her career page Reverend Priestess Bella.