Current member introductions

Sarah  sarahvote

Sarah comes from a long tradition of service.  Both her maternal grandparents were teachers.  Her mother worked as a nurse/nursing instructor for over 40 years.  Her father is an ordained Lutheran minister– fourth generation in his family– and also a licensed clinical professional counselor.  So it was only natural for her to move into social services herself.  Sarah’s professional background includes working with adults suffering from mental illness and children and teens with developmental disabilities, particularly those with autism.  More recently Sarah studied American Sign Language for personal growth and to enable her to work with a different population.  Sarah is passionate about recovery, advocacy, and self-determination.

Sarah started exploring Wicca in early 1999, and underwent traditional Year and a Day training through an eclectic coven located near Charleston, IL, from 2006-2007.  Around that time she came out of the broom closet to her family who have since adjusted to her path.  Currently, Sarah follows a unique path all her own blending traditional shamanism and gnosticism, celebrating the Wheel of the Year within a neo-Avalonian framework.  Sarah credits the pagan community with saving her sanity; both by giving her a community of support and for teaching her to properly use and shield against her talents.

Sarah has three levels of formal healer training through Healing Touch Program.  Fittingly, her mother introduced her to Healing Touch in early 2000.  The classes gave her the framework from which to explore, learn, and grow.  In addition to basic energy work, Sarah consistently uses crystals, sound, and color/frequency manipulation in her healing work.  

Autumn  IMG_20160531_083301

Autumn Rose is a mother of 3, teacher to many in a rural Missouri district.  Autumn has been called a kitchen witch, hearth witch, green witch and others!  Not one specific group seams to fit but hesitates to say eclectic as it seems to be overused. There are many terms that fall under the idea of a  nature based religion; which is the worldview that all living entities (plants, animals, and humans) possess a spirit. She is very happy to have found Cauldron of Ages and others that share her love of community and the many face/forms of the God and Goddess.  Autumn can be found on facebook under Alskypan Autumn.


Lovingly deemed the “Welcoming Committee” of COA, Sammie counts herself fortunate to found a group that serves the community.   Being a member of Cauldron of Ages has brought her closer to the Pagan community, brought her closer to Deity, and has fulfilled her passion for helping others.